Reading of Ch 8 - The Culture of Character: Parents as Trainers

Episode 19 · March 10th, 2019 · 25 mins 32 secs

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Chapter VIII – The Culture of Character: Parents as Trainers
How far does heredity count? – For education, children want only opportunity – An experiment in art education – Character is an achievement – Two ways of preserving sanity – The Plausible reasons for doing nothing towards character training – But the laws by which body and mind flourish, revealed by science – The race is advancing – The duty of cherishing a lovely family trait – Distinctive qualities require culture – Four conditions of culture – Exercise – Nourishment – Change – Rest – Work, and waste of brain tissue, necessary – Danger of eccentricity – Causes of oddity in children – The dreariness of a motiveless life – We must save our ‘splendid failures’

The text can be found here and here.

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