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The Home Education Series

The Home Education Series

If you would like to read along with us, you can find The Home Education Series in the following places:

Print Books:

Amazon (Living Books Press version)
Vol 1. Home Education
Vol 2. Parents and Children
Vol 3. School Education
Vol 4. Ourselves
Vol 5. Formation of Character
Vol 6. A Philosophy of Education

The Plenary Annotated Version
Vol 1. Home Education
Vol 6. A Philosphy of Education

Living Books Press - Set of all 6 books

Simply Charlotte Mason - Set of all 6 books with larger font and wide margins

Restored Feast Collection by A Life Adapted - page with links to their books on Amazon

Riverbend Press - vol 4. Ourselves. Available as a combined set, book 1 only, or book 2 only.

Online Text:

Ambleside Schools International - Each chapter is a page

Ambleside Online - Annotated version, page turns marked

Charlotte Mason Poetry - Clean version of the original

Fisher Academy International - Kindle Version by Amy Tuttle

Real Living Life - A work-in-progress project to type all the volumes by Lisa Osika


Vol 1 - Home Education
By Leah Boden (Modern Miss Mason)
By Librivox
By Living Books Library

Vol 2 - Parents and Children (our completed recordings)
Preface to the Home Education Series
Preface to Parents and Children and Chapter 1 - The Family
Chapter 2 - Parents as Rulers
Chapter 3 - Parents as Inspirers: Children must be born again into the Life of Intelligence
Chapter 4 - Parents as Inspirers: The LIfe of the Mind grows upon Ideas
Chapter 5 - Parents as Inspirers: The Things of the Spirit
Chapter 6 - Parents as Inspirers: Primal Ideas derived from Parents
Chapter 7 - The Parent as Schoolmaster
Chapter 8 - The Culture of Character: Parents as Trainers
Chapter 9 - The Culture of Character: The Treatment of Defects
Chapter 10 - Bible Lessons: Parents as Instructors in Religion
Chapter 11 - Faith and Duty (Review): Parents as Teachers of Morals
Chapter 12 - Faith and Duty (Review): Claims of Philosophy as an Instrument of Education
Chapter 13 - Faith and Duty (Review): Man lives by Faith, Godward and Manward
Chapter 14 - The Heroic Impulse (Review): Parents are concerned to give this Impulse
Chapter 15 - Is it Possible? (Review): The Attitude of Parents towards Social Questions
Chapter 16 - Discipline: A Consideration for Parents
Chapter 17 - Sensations and Feelings: Sensations educable by Parents
Chapter 18 - Sensations and Feelings: Feelings educable by Parents
Chapter 19 - 'What is Truth?': Moral Discrimination required by Parents
Chapter 20 - Show Cause Why: Parents Responsible for Competitive Examinations
Chapter 21 - A Theory of Education Proposed to Parents
Chapter 22 - A Catechism of Educational Theory
Chapter 23 - Whence and Whither: A Question for Parents. Whence
Chapter 24 - Whence and Whither: Whither
Chapter 25 - The Great Recognition Required of Parents
Chapter 26 - The Eternal Child: The Highest Counsel of Perfection for Parents

By Librivox

Vol 3 - School Education
By Librivox

Vol 4 - Ourselves
By Living Books Library
By Librivox, Book 1
By Librivox, Book 2 IN PROGRESS

Vol 5 - Formation of Character
By Librivox

Vol 6 - A Philosophy of Education
Annotated version by A Charlotte Mason Plenary
By A Charlotte Mason Plenary on YouTube
In progress podcast recording By Rachel O'Neill at Charlotte Mason Volume 6
By Librivox

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