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A list of Charlotte Mason curricula - programs that attempt to follow the letter and spirit of Charlotte Mason's philosophy of education. They are listed in alphabetical order.

Ambleside Online
“AmblesideOnline is a free homeschool curriculum that uses Charlotte Mason’s classically-based principles to prepare children for a life of rich relationships with everything around them: God, humanity, and the natural world.”

Ani Ve-Ami
“Ani Ve-ami is the first literature-based Jewish homeschooling curriculum that invites your family into the exciting world of homeschooling from a Jewish perspective. Based on the educational philosophy of Charlotte Mason, it is designed to bend to fit the current needs of your family.”

Barefoot Meandering
“Classical Mason: Homeschool curricula with a classical education, Charlotte Mason, twaddle-free flair.”

Charlotte Mason’s Alveary by the Charlotte Mason Institute
“To provide a comprehensive curriculum and teacher training resources that follow Charlotte Mason’s educational model.”

Charlotte Mason Help
“The Higher Up and Further In Curriculum is based upon two cycles of history in chronological order with a strong emphasis on character development and Biblical world view. We strive to adhere to Charlotte Mason’s principles by following her methods in The Original Homeschooling Series and are offering our program and schedules to anyone who may be interested free of charge.”

A Delectable Education
“A Delectable Education offers a consulting service if you desire a personalized homeschool curriculum based on Charlotte Mason’s principles and practices. They also have Curriculum Templates to enable individual families to build their own Charlotte Mason Curriculum."

A Gentle Feast
“A Gentle Feast is family-centered (entire family will be together to work on many subjects), Charlotte Mason inspired (a feast of living ideas presented in a format consistent with Miss Mason’s philosophy and principles), and takes a living approach (curriculum deeply steeped in books, beauty, and Biblical truth, while providing a firm academic foundation).”

Juniper Pines
“A Quiet Growing Time: Charlotte Mason with your 3 to 6 Year Old”

Living Books Curriculum
“Living Books Curriculum offers homeschooling families a high-quality course of study based on the time-tested methods of Charlotte Mason. Our curricula facilitate learning through literature, life experiences, and oral and written expression. The curriculum is integrated, complete, and flexible; it honors the child, supports learning, develops higher-order thinking, and generates excitement about learning.”

Mater Amabilis
“Mater Amabilis is a structured, Charlotte Mason style curriculum for Catholics that follows a set, formal course of study, using a highly efficient method which allows children to cover a broad range of subjects in the course of a short school day.”

A Modern Charlotte Mason
“A Modern Charlotte Mason utilizes living books as well as time honored classics of the past. As a living and evolving curriculum, AMCM also provides the user with online links for extension activities, documentaries, and articles that are coordinated with the lessons.”

An Old-Fashioned Education
“A free Christian homeschool curriculum created using free texts which are available on the internet, combined together in grade levels to create appropriate progression from first grade through graduating seniors.”

Simply Charlotte Mason
“Simply Charlotte Mason’s curriculum helps you and your child grow through good habits, great books, and guided discovery.”

“A modern day secular curriculum based on the original works of Charlotte Mason that can be used by all families.”

A very comprehensive list of resources from Ambling Along Together

Programs that are mostly or adaptable to a Charlotte Mason education.

Build Your Own Library
"A Charlotte Mason inspired homeschool curriculum, but with a 21st century twist…
I wanted a curriculum that was rich in great literature, not just old fashioned tomes, but modern children’s literature as well. I wanted a curriculum that was history based but didn’t drown you in historical fiction. I wanted to make narration a priority, but in a way that was fun and easy. A curriculum that took passages from the books you and your child are reading and turned them into copywork in the elementary years and dictation at the middle school level. I wanted to incorporate art study that was connected to history and included fun art projects. And I wanted to include science – literature based in the elementary years, and I use Elemental Science’s logic stage program in the middle school years. It was a tall order – but our children are worth it."

Light + Lamp Homeschool
"This is not your average curriculum. We do things against the grain, and with a whole different mindset from the world. This curriculum will not be for everyone. If you’re looking for a super rigorous classical education, this is not for you. If you’re looking to find a calm, simpler, anxiety free zone in your homeschool, this is for you."