Reading of Ch 25 - The Great Recognition Required Of Parents

Episode 54 · November 11th, 2019 · 23 mins 37 secs

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Chapter XXV -The Great Recognition Required Of Parents

Ruskin on the 'Vaulted Book.' - The Seven Natural Sciences - Education not Religious and Secular - The Great Recognition - Knowledge, like Virtue, Divine - Science, Art and Poetry 'by the Spirit.' - Ideas of Common Things - 'God doth Instruct.' - Subjects Divinely Taught - Our Co-operation Indispensable - Teaching that Invites and that Repels Divine Co-operation - Discord in our Lives Resolved - We are Safeguarded from Intellectual as from Moral Sin - Harmony in our Efforts - Conditions of Divine Co-operation - Teaching must be Fresh and Living - Books must be Living - No Neat System is of Use - Children must have the Best Books

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