Reading of Ch 22 - A Catechism Of Educational Theory

Episode 48 · September 30th, 2019 · 26 mins 9 secs

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Chapter XXII - A Catechism of Educational Theory

Character an Achievement - Origin of Conduct - Means of Modifying Disposition - Genesis of a Habit - Correction of Bad Habit - But not for Children of Educated Parents - Conduct depends on Unconscious Cerebration - Benevolence - Malevolence - Habits of 'Well-brought-up' Persons - Time should be given to the Forming of Habit - Thoughts Follow in Sequence - Into new Developments - The Initial Thought - Makes for Logical Conclusions - 'Reason' Acts without Volition - Not an Infallible Guide to Conduct - Confusion as to Logical and Moral Right - Error from Mistaken Sense of Duty - A Child should know what he is as a Human Being - This Knowledge a Safeguard - Against 'Honest Doubt.' - Life Sustained upon Ideas - Volition in the Reception of Ideas - How Ideas are Conveyed - The Supreme Educator - In things Natural and Spiritual - This View throws Light on Christian Doctrine - Divine Co-operation in Education - Part of Lessons in Education - A Curriculum -

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