Reading of Ch 4 - Parents as Inspirers: The Life of the Mind grows upon Ideas

Episode 9 · December 19th, 2018 · 20 mins 46 secs

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Chapter 4 - Parents as Inspirers: The Life of the Mind Grows upon Ideas

Summary of preceding chapter – Educational conceptions of the past – Pestalozzi's theory – Froebel's theory – The kindergarten a vital conception – But science is changing front – Is education formative? - The individual not at the mercy of empiries – 'Education' an inadequate word - 'Bringing-up' - An adequate definition – Method a way to an end – The life of the mind grows upon ideas – What is an idea? – Rise and progress of an idea – Genesis of an idea – An idea may exist as an appetency – A child draws inspiration from the casual life around him – Order and progress of definite ideas – Platonic doctrine of ideas – Ideas, alone, matter in education – How the educational formula should run – The ‘infallible reason’ – What is it?

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