Reading of Ch 20 - Show, Cause, Why

Episode 44 · September 2nd, 2019 · 23 mins 50 secs

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Chapter XX - Show Cause Why

We have been asking, Why?––Tom goes to School to get a good place in Class––Tom passes his 'Exams.'––So do the Girls––The Tendency of Grind––No Choice as to the Matter or Manner of Studies––Tyranny of Competitive Examination Supported by Parents––The Evil Lies in the Competition––Examination Necessary––but should Include the whole School––The Primary Desires––Neither Virtuous nor Vicious––They Stimulate to Effort––Curiosity as Active as Emulation––Extent of a Child's Knowledge––Why the Schoolboy is no longer Curious––Every Boy Wants to Excel––Emulation an Easier Spring to Work than Curiosity––But the Boy no longer Wants to Know––An Examination-ridden Empire

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