Reading of Ch 24 - Whence and Whither, Part 2, Whither?

Episode 52 · October 28th, 2019 · 21 mins 54 secs

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Chapter XXIV - Whence and Whither - Part 2, Whither?

Physical and Psychical Evolutions - The Greatness of Children - Wisdom, the Recognition of Relations - Wisdom increases; Intelligence does not - Differences in Men - Ignorance is not Impotence - All Possibilities Present in a Child - We Live for the Advancement of the Race - Our Whence in the Potency of the Child, our Whither in the Thought of the Day - All Men are Interested in Science - Children Trained to Observe - A new Conception of Art; great Ideas demand great Art - Children should Learn to Care for Books - Children must be Nurtured on the Best - The Solidarity of the Race - Children should be Brought up to Live for All Men - Children should not hear of 'Impostors' - To Serve is Promotion - No Considerations of Expediency

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