Reading of Ch 15 - Is It Possible?

Episode 33 · June 2nd, 2019 · 35 mins 9 secs

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Chapter XV - Is It Possible?

A Moral Crisis - We, too, Love our Brother - The 'Idol of Size' - Cui Bono? - Can Character be Changed? - The Question of the Age - The Essential Miracle - The Honest Sceptic - The Vicious by Inheritance - The Vicious by Inveterate Habit - Thoughts Think Themselves - Viscious Imaginations - Acquired Modification not Transmitted - Education Stronger than Nature - Natural Preparation for Salvation - Conversion no Miracle - Many Conversions in a Lifetime - 'Conversion' is not Contrary to Natural Law - Conditions of the Potency of an Idea - Fitness of the Ideas included in Christianity - Curative Treatment Necessary - The Relief of Inclusion in a Strong Organisation - Work and Fresh Air are Powerful Agents

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