Reading of Ch 18 - Sensations and Feelings

Episode 40 · August 5th, 2019 · 26 mins 8 secs

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Chapter XVIII - Sensations and Feelings

Reflected sensations - Open-air Memories should be Stored - Memories of Delight a Source of Physical Well-Being and of Mental Restoration - Sensations and Feelings Distinguished - The Feelings should be Objective, not Subjective - What the Feelings are and are not - Every Feeling has its Positive and its Negative - The Feelings not Moral or Immoral - Connection between Unremembered Feelings adn Acts - These Trifling Acts the Best Portion of a Good Man's Life - The Perception of Character one of our Fine3st Feelings - The Orator Plays upon Feelings - Enthusiasm - In Educating the Feelings we Modify the Character - The Sixth Sense of Tact - Beware of Words - A Feeling is Communicated by Sympathy - Persons are Differentiated by their Powers of Appreciation or Depreciation - Some Danger in Persiflage - To Deal with the Feelings of the Young a Delicate Task

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