Reading of Ch 21 - A Scheme of Educational Theory Proposed to Parents

Episode 46 · September 16th, 2019 · 16 mins 44 secs

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Chapter XXI - A Scheme of Educational Theory Proposed to Parents

Each Class in Society should have its Ideal - Poor Children need a Vocabulary - Children of Educated Parents do not - This, true of Imagination - The Development of Faculties Important for Ignorant and Deficient Children - But not for Children of Educated Parents - The Educator should form Habits - Should Nourish with Ideas - Our Main Objects - We recognise Material and Spiritual Principles of Human Nature - We recognise the Supreme Educator - Studies are Valued as they present Fruitful Ideas - Nature-Knowledge - Object-Lessons - We trust much to Good Books - We do not recognise 'Child-Nature.' - We are Tenacious of Individuality: we consider Proportion - We think that Children have a Right to Knowledge

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